Sunday, April 03, 2005

So OSU Isn't The Shame Of The Nation

So of course it's blasphemy for a Buckeye to be back here behind enemy lines.. but it sure does give me an interesting perspective on the world outside Columbus (yes, it does exist).

Just a couple years ago, all I heard about was how bad life was around campus and how wrong all the students were for the riots that occured after football games. I didn't even participate.. but damn, I felt guilty. With all of the coverage in the local and national media, I wondered why OSU students were so different from everyone else...

We're not.

Tonight all the news in Grand Rapids has been about the cops tear-gassing students over in East Lansing after MSU's loss to UNC in the Final Four. So I guess it doesn't just happen in Columbus.

The funniest part of the news was an interview with a student. He said nothing much was going on, but the police just started launching tear gas into the crowd. This winner while trying to do his best sober impression actually admitted running into a sign trying to get away.


Well, between dodging rioting MSU students tonight, I've been working on trying to link version 1.1 and version 3.0 Linksys WRT54G routers using WDS. This is of course after some Guiness, Newcastle, John Courage, and several Miller Lites.. I guess I'll find out tomorrow if I was successful.. :-)

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