Thursday, April 21, 2005

Oh Baby Baby..

So we want to be cool like Britney.. but my hairy stomach doesn't look too good in a midriff.. What else could we do? Then we got it..

We got pregnant.


Say hello to the nice people, Twiglet (working name.. don't worry, it won't stick)

Ok, so we really weren't inspired by Britney.. sorry to disappoint. We're about 10 weeks along. It was a little rough there for a bit. We had our due date pushed back twice.. but we're rolling along now. Our current due date is November 19.

Hmm.. what else is taking place on November 19th?

Funny how that worked out, huh? :-)

We had our first official appointment today (that's where we got both of these pictures). Everything is progressing quite well. Because of that, we knew that we had to tell everyone. Plus, I'm starting to put on some paternity weight, so people were gonna start talking when they saw my belly.. :-)

Phew.. that felt good to finally get that out.. and I did it without using the phrase "I done knockt' her up." Take that, Patty.

Let's finish up with one more picture..



James said...

Oh, lucky Patty, on her way to a few decades of being barefoot and pregnant. Unlike Raj, who always seems barefoot and pregnant.... Ok, I don't even know what that means....

Raj said...

Gotta let those feet air out.. you dont want that "engineer stink" (tm) building up too long..

Jill said...

Hey, Raj! I think he/she has your arm--way to go!

Raj said...

yeah.. the kid definitely has a set of guns.. :-)

Skeezix said...

I think the due date of your child is phrohetic and will usher in the longest winning streak against Michigan ever; a Michigan ass kicking messiah if you will.