Friday, March 25, 2005

Corporate Music?

So what is it with all of these huge food companies trying to market through music?

First it was Pepsi and iTunes.. then it was McDonalds and Sony.. and now another huge American corporation wants to get its name into the ears of music lovers everywhere..


This guy just inked a deal with the PEZ company to design and manufacture an MP3 player that's in a PEZ container (complete with different heads).

The Pez MP3 Project

I can't wait to see the ads...

parody ipod-pez ad

(via BoingBoing)


Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Hot Wobbly Windows Action!!!

Ok.. so I've been working on a short article on patching Beagle so that it would index your Snownews cache. Just as I'm putting the finishing touches on it, the Beagle guys release a new version of the software.

Damn.. sorta..

I'm working on getting this new version working with my Snownews patch. Once I get it all up and running, I'll post the article on how to patch Beagle 0.0.8 with my Snownews backend..

Since you obviously have nothing to do until I get that done, take a look at these videos showing Luminocity, a proof-of-concept OpenGL-based window/compositing manager. If you are indeed that one person out there who's waiting for my Beagle patch, you will get overly-excited at these videos..

Seth Nickell - Design Fu : xshots

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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Just Found My Next Car

It's got 350K miles on it.. probably gets crappy mileage.. but there's *something* about this vehicle that appeals to me..

1996 Ford Econoline Ohio State Party Bus

First mod would be to get rid of that crappy Budweiser tap handle..

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Saturday, March 19, 2005

Tennis Anyone?

Patty will like this. I guess this is why you can often catch tennis on in high-definition.

Why Britney Spears Hates HDTV!


Using Snownews with your Account

I've been an avid Snownews user for awhile now. It's a great little text-based RSS aggregator that I have installed on all my linux boxes. The only problem is that it's a bit kludgy to keep track easily of which posts I've read and which ones I haven't gotten to yet because it caches everything locally. Basically, if I read some posts on my desktop, they would still be marked new on my Snownews installation on my laptop. That sucks. So I signed up for Bloglines, a web-based aggregator. It's sweet, but I missed the simple interface of snownews. Luckily, though, Bloglines provides a nice API for their web services. Using this documentation, I hacked up a quick patch for Snownews that allows it to connect to your Bloglines account and read your feeds. Now I use snownews when I'm on my linux boxes and the Bloglines website when I'm stuck on a Windoze box.

Here's a link to my patch:
Bloglines support for Snownews

This should patch cleanly against Snownews To apply the patch, just go into the untar'd source directory for snownews and type:
zcat bloglines.patch.gz | patch -p1

Then just make and make install as usual. When you load up snownews, there will be one new option on the help menu. Press 'z' to enter your Bloglines account information. Then just exit out of snownews, load it back up and it'll connect and download all your Bloglines feeds (including categories). Voila!

Standard disclaimers apply.. use at your own risk. Let me know if you have any problems using it.

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Beagle and Dashboard Wiki - Gentoo Install

Beagle is the tool that's supposed to change my life this week.. of course I'll probably forget about it in a few weeks. Until then, here's a great guide on getting it installed on a Gentoo system..

Beagle and Dashboard Wiki - Gentoo Install

Stick around and I'll put up a link sometime to a backend that allows Beagle to index Snownews feeds.

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Friday, March 18, 2005

f1rst ps0t!

I wonder how many thousands of worthless blogs have gotten their starts just like this..