Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Fun

To top off a great long weekend with the family, I had an experience that leaves me swelling with fatherly pride:

I taught my son how to pee on a tree.

I'm still glowing. A little later, though, I think he was just showing off. He had to go while we were driving home and there wasn't a gas station in sight, so he peed on the side of the highway from the car... all the while asking about the semi-trucks passing by our parked vehicle.

Potty training is great.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

New Toy on the Way

So I finally got around to ordering the second part of my birthday present (the first part being a 4GB RAM upgrade for the Macbook). A Buffalo Linkstation Live. This network-attached storage device will serve a few functions on the home network. Its primary function will be as a backup device for all the different computers on the network. It'll also serve as a printer/scanner server for my HP All-In-One device. This should allow any computer on the network to print to it (via CUPS) and any computer to use its scanner (via SANE). I'm also looking to installing a bittorrent web client on it (phpTorrent maybe?) and an iTunes/DAAP server (probably Firefly). Of course very little of this comes with the default Buffalo firmware.. so it's time to get hacking. Stay tuned to this space for progress information.