Saturday, April 09, 2005

I Still Like Maxwell's Better

Thursday nights out at the clubs on south campus definitely holds some fond memories. Granted, I probably would have puked had I seen what those places looked like during the day, but that was part of their charm.

Then Campus Partners came in and leveled it all... and sat on it. You could see the tumbleweed just rolling through the wasteland.

Finally several years later it's being developed. Soon the lucky current Buckeyes will have the upscale sock stores and 5-or-so Starbucks that they so desperately need. Anyways, take a look at the link below to see some renderings of OSU students having good, clean, preppy fun at the South Campus Gateway.

South Campus Gateway-OSU - Towne Properties

My memory's starting to go in my old age. Help me remember what clubs were around in that area circa-1997,98. Off the top of my head I remember Maxwell's, Panini's, Sloopy's, and Cornerstone. What else?

Ah well.. just raise a pitcher of Icehouse in memory of the old south campus. We shall miss thee.

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James said...

Don't forget The Spot, downfall of Steve Bellisari. And the original Scully's. I don't like what I see of the new Gateway area. It looks really crowded, and it looks like the walks will be so narrow that there won't be much sunlight between the buildings, unlike the artist's concept drawings.

Raj said...

I thought Stevie B went to a regular party that fateful night...

Maybe Campus Partners can tear down a few campus buildings to widen those walkways...