Monday, July 18, 2005

Reinforcing preconcieved notions

Pretty much anytime we travel from GR to Ohio, we have to take US-23 through ann arbor. There's some occassional traffic hiccups and such due to weekend travel and sometimes we'll get a wise-ass pointing out that he/she has decoded our super-seekrit license plate messages and knows that we are Buckeyes.. wooo... Nothing super-bad, though. I just keep on driving and breathe a sigh of relief once I hit Toledo (I never thought I'd say that.. ;-) ).

This Friday was different. On our trip down to Columbus for Nate and Lisa's wedding, Patty all-of-a-sudden doubled over in pain as we were passing AA. As much as I wanted to get the hell away from the city, it was better not to mess around with a pregnancy, so we took the next exit. We found a few stoplights, construction, and.. well.. nothing else. After driving around for a few minutes looking for a gas station, fast food restaurant, whatever, we happened upon the waste-water treatment plant for AA. Oh, disgusting, you say. The smell must have been awful!

It didn't smell any worse than the rest of the town.. ;-)

Deciding that nothing was going to pan out from this exit, we got back on the highway and took the Washtenaw Ave. exit. Since I knew there were all sorts of places available in both directions, I made sure to go east towards Ypsilanti rather than towards the campus of that school. Got to the closest gas station where Patty ran inside. After a few minutes she came back out looking greener than when she went in. It was bar-none the worst restroom she'd ever been in (that's impressive, too.. she's been to the restrooms at Out R Inn and BW3 on campus).

We'll stay on the highway for the extra 5-10 minutes to Saline next time...

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