Saturday, June 04, 2005

The Blackwell Experience

So I went to Columbus last week to see the FEH Robot Competition (I'll toss up some pics of that in another post). My generous in-laws put Patty and me up in The Blackwell, that hotel on the business college campus. Two words:

bad ass.

Wait, one word.


Gorgeous room. Comfy bed, nice bathroom, useful desk, sweet robes, corkscrew and wine glasses.. real nice. Few cons: the same crappy UNITS tv they have in the dorms and the scariest toilet ever. If you didn't pull your hand away from the handle within a couple milliseconds of flushing, it would smack your fingers away.

I'd probably go back.. especially if someone else foots the bill again.. ;-)

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1 comment:

James said...

Hey, baby. You. Me. The Blackwell. A bottle of 2 Buck Chuck and a Mirrored Ceiling.

....Just think of the CPU water cooling system you could build in *that* environment.