Wednesday, April 27, 2005

How Cool is That?!

It feels weird to be joining the world of bloggers. I'm too skittish to start my own, so I'm squatting on Raj's (well, not literally James, but you get the picture).
We are so lucky to have such great friends. It's been so fun getting e-mails and Blog comments over the last few days. To be honest, this whole pregnancy started off a lot different than I predicted. I'll spare the 99% male audience a monologue on the emotional changes that kick off the joy of pregnancy. Not to mention the startling nausea. It's like a wretched hangover, 8 days a week, without the fun of partying the night before. It has been so uplifting to be getting messages from our friends. It's nice to not have this as a secret anymore. So anyway, I may post from time to time to make sure that MY story is getting out too. Raj has been awesome about taking care of my puking self, and then would tell others that I'm feeling 'great'. Gotta love him :)
Well, I think that's it! I don't feel like I really said much, but Raj assures me that I don't have to. I could get used to this....

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James said...

Remember: when you're lying on the floor in your underwear puking, make sure that you shut the door if you have any visitors!

P.S. Raj, John Sheridan Fisher has a 36" color layout plot of the Nemesis Encryptor chip. I need to go to Boston just to steal it from him.

Jill said...

Hang in there, Patty! We're all so excited for you and wishing you, baby and Twiglet the best! (Just kidding, Raj!)

Good tip, James! ;)

James said...

Wow, it's Jill! Someday I want to bear YOUR children!

Jill said...

Hey, James! I may take you up on that offer. I want about 12 kids. ;)